With Leather’s Watch This: The New York Yankees!

Welp, it sure ain’t as exciting as last year’s Wild Card Wednesday, when the St. Louis Cardinals made the playoffs on the final day of the MLB and went on to win the World Series. Oh, and something else happened that day with the Tampa Bay Rays winning on a walk-off home run to make the playoffs or something like that, but nobody was even watching that game. Everyone was glued to the Cardinals blowing out the Houston Astros.

Since the Cards clinched the NL’s second wild card spot last night thanks to Mark Ellis and the Los Angeles Dodgers, I guess we can pay just a little attention to the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles tonight, as they could end up in a tie for first place in the AL East. You know, if that’s something that interests you.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Dice-K is taking the mound for the Red Sox while Hiorki Kuroda will pitch for New York, so if you’re an Orioles fan, just be happy that you’re most likely playing for a chance to be in the playoffs.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Tampa Bay Rays – 7 PM ET on ESPN2

But not so fast, hater and/or doubter! The O’s bring Chris Tillman to the mound, so they’re in good shape, too. So if the Yankees somehow lose, we could end up having a tie. What happens then? No clue, DOOOOOOOON’T CARE. I had to watch the Dodgers game until 2 am last night and I’m too exhausted to use my brain.

WWE Main Event – 8 PM on ION

1) I had no clue that the WWE was adding a new show, so you wrestling nuts have that to be excited about, as Sheamus and CM Punk will face off on the Main Event debut tonight; and 2) What the hell is ION? Is that Oprah’s network? Cool.

NCAA Women’s Volleyball: St. Mary’s at San Diego – 9 PM on ESPNU

Good luck, San Diego.

And this was earlier today, but since I would never promote First Take unless it was worth it, here’s video of Antoine Walker talking about how he blew the $110 million he made in his career.