With Leather’s Watch This: We Still Miss You, Macho Man Randy Savage

Randy Poffo, AKA Macho Man Randy Savage, passed away two years ago to the day, so I thought I’d honor him with his touching rap tribute to “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, as someone dubbed it over his classic highlight reel. I wouldn’t have remembered unless the SI Vault Twitter feed reminded me of Randy’s classic photo from his days as a St. Louis Cardinals minor leaguer. Why I’ve never ordered a customized Poffo jersey is beyond me.

As a Cardinals fan, I’m supposed to be classier and more intelligent than other baseball fans, but in this regard I seem to have really missed the mark. I’ll work on that.

NHL Playoffs

Game 3: Blackhawks at Red Wings – 7:30 PM ET on NBC Sports

This might be the saddest NHL Playoffs picture that we’ll see this year.

WWE Monday Night Raw – 8 PM ET on USA

Nothing that will happen on Raw tonight will be better than Miguel’s leg drop on this poor girl at the Billboard Music Awards last night. Especially with this added commentary.

MLB: Yankees at Orioles – 7 PM ET on ESPN

Yawn. Or go Yankees. Whichever.