Let’s Celebrate Brooke Hogan’s Engagement To Dallas Cowboys Center Phil Costa

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07.03.13 3 Comments

Brooke Hogan engagement

I’m a few days late to the celebration, but as my parole officer always tells me – it’s better late than never. Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa proposed to Impact wrestling personality and aspiring country singer Brooke Hogan, who is also, of course, the daughter of wrestling legend and breastaurant owner Hulk Hogan. In the truest sense of the word romance, Costa dropped to one knee and proposed to Brooke in front of the Eiffel Tower… in Las Vegas.

I, for one, was devastated by the announcement of Brooke’s engagement, as I was under the impression that she was still married to Bully Ray, despite their recent differences on the Impact shows. Part of me really hoped that her and Bully Way could work things out and eventually discover that their love was the common ground, but it seems I was just a sucker for one of the world’s greatest actresses.

Alas, love is love, and I’m so incredibly happy for Brooke that I wanted to help her start a photo album that really reflects just how perfect and romantic the proposal was. Now, I’m not saying there are any places that are more romantic than the Las Vegas strip, but this is my idea of what it would have looked like if they had picked some of the world’s other most romantic locations.


Waffle House


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Welcome to Florida


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Wet t-shirt contest

Gathering of the Juggalos

Hogan's Beach

Pregnancy Tests

Nick Hogan Trial

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