Important (?): Wladimir Klitschko And Arnold Schwarzenegger Are Shirtless Twitter Pals

Edit: Welp, apparently I can’t tell my Klitschkos apart. WLADIMIR Klitschko is the Klitschko pictured, and I’m gonna pretend it’s a Twin Magic situation where I’m not a total moron. Disregard all this text and just scroll down and look at the funny pictures. Sheesh.

If you aren’t familiar with the works of Vitali Klitschko, he is a member of the Ukrainian parliament, holds a PhD in Sports Science and … oh yeah, he’s the 45–2 WBC heavyweight boxing champion who lost the only two fights he’s ever lost via injury technicalities and has never been knocked down. His nickname is “Dr. Ironfist.” If you aren’t familiar with Vitali Klitschko, dear lord, there’s so much for you to know about.

One of the coolest things about him is that he’s Twitter friends with another ridiculous human specimen turned political figurehead, former bodybuilder/Terminator/California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s just like WWE’s CM Punk and ‘Community’s’ Yvette Nicole Brown being best friends, but on tons and tons of drugs.

A few days ago, *Wladimir* paid tribute to Arnold by taking off his shirt and recreating a famous Arnold pose in front of a picture.

In response, the 66-year old Schwarzenegger did the tribute in reverse.

This has got to be the most adorable Twitter friendship between people who can kill me with their armpits ever.

And while I’m thinking about it, does this kind of photo swapping always work? Like, if I stand in front of a picture of Kate Upton and pose, will she stand in front of a picture of me and pose back? Followup question: does this make us friends on the Internet or forever soulmates?