Woman Forced To Kiss Bosom Buddy On Kings Kiss Cam (and Morning Links)

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03.06.12 3 Comments



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gregg-williams-bounties-footballOn The Saints, NFL Bounties And Finally Being Treated Like Regular Human Beings – I don’t know why everyone’s so upset about these NFL Bounties, I think having paper towels with Saints logos on them is awesome! *bicycle horn honk* [Smoking Section]

Gregg Williams Has Complex Homophobia – “AIDS Convention” is almost as ridiculous as “the jerk store”, but it sells more jerks. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Matches We Loved 2011: Part II – The #ddslove continues, and I’m actually in this one! Watch the clip of the match I picked to see someone kick so hard their kickpad flies off. [DirtyDirtySheets]

The Best Of ‘Community’s’ #Abed – Cool. Cool. Cool cool cool. [UPROXX]

The First Ten Minutes Of John Carter Are Kind Of Impressive – I kept expecting Bryan Cranston to roll over, grimace at the camera and yell “nobody’s in the theater, John!” [Gamma Squad]

Project X kid was in a Bang Bus movie – Living the dream. I can’t wait until my UPROXX bosses find out about the time I Pornhubbed Allie Sin. [Film Drunk]

Discussion and Poll: Has ‘The Walking Dead’ Earned Back Your Trust? – “And furthermore, what do you guys think about season 4 of Heroes?” [Warming Glow]

Christina Hendricks & Olivia Munn Are The Latest Celebs To Have Their Cell Phone Pics Surface On The Internet – Proud of myself for getting up a link to this story yesterday before anyone else on the network. Also, disappointed in myself for being so into celebrity nudity. [UPROXX]

25 People Who Think President Obama Killed Andrew Breitbart – “Colledge” says everything you need to know about these people. Obama’s the reason for these tornadoes breaking out, too. He has an evil tornado machine. [Buzzfeed]

The Live News Sexual Innuendo Supercut – Nudes at eleven. Er, I mean “news”! Heh! [HuffPost Comedy]

Watch Britney Spears’ Changing Face Through the Years – “Watch how stress, drugs and eating disorders make you look like a 50 year old women by the time you turn 28.” [The FW]

Five Brilliant Graphic Novels that Just Happen to Star Talking Animals – Real talk: We3 is right behind Watchmen as my favorite comic ever. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and find it immediately. [Unreality]

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