The Padres Welcomed A New Fan When A Baby Was Born At Petco Park

Neither the Padres nor the Giants are going to make the postseason this year, but fans who decided to attend Thursday night’s game between the two teams at Petco Park were still privy to something that has never been seen at the park before… a live birth.

Around the fourth inning, a woman went into labor near the Padres’ team store located just outside of the Gaslamp Gate and 20 minutes later, a boy named Levi was born right in the ballpark.

Thankfully for the mother, there was a registered nurse and midwife named Donna Borowy, who also works for the Padres, on-site to save the day.

More details from MLB:

On Thursday, the lead EMT at Petco Park got a call just before 7 p.m. — the game began at 6:10 p.m. — in which a female was in labor. Borowy got into a cart and, along with two EMTs, drove to the spot just outside the team store.

“When I got there she was completely dilated and having to push,” Borowy said of the female, who was at 39 weeks. “She was perfectly calm. She said, ‘I’m having my baby, can I make it to the hospital.'”

That was never going to happen, though. Within five minutes, Levi was born. The Padres were not releasing the name or hometown of the mother.

One can assume that Levi has no choice but to grow up as a diehard Padres fan now.