10.23.08 9 years ago 17 Comments

Susan Francia, the 6-foot-2 Amazon you see here, won gold with the U.S. crew team in Beijing.  But that doesn’t mean she can’t be critical of other Olympic stars.

[Francia] thinks Michael Phelps is sexy, but he’ll have to do some work if he’s interested. “We’ve met a couple times and he is good-looking, yes. But personality? Hmmm. He could work on it,” Francia, who was in town yesterday from Princeton, NJ, to meet with Ford Models, told Page Six. “I’d go out with him, but I really like the basketball players. They’re taller.”

Oh yeah, she values personality so much she went to a meeting with Ford Models.  But sure, lady, Michael Phelps will get right on that.  He’ll read some Vonnegut, maybe get some opera tickets, register some folks to vote in swing states.  Just as soon as he’s done crushing all the unlimited ass available to him in Las Vegas.

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