Woman Of The Decade: Let Your Man Watch Football

10.04.10 7 years ago 7 Comments

I got an email from a guy this morning whose wife (not pictured) writes for a blog called “Twinkies And Gin,” which sounds like a good place to be. His wife apparently has some issues with her partners in estrogen, specifically with how she has seen some of her female friends treat their football-loving boyfriends and spouses.

I know dozens of women who, by thier own report, are married to or dating men who are excellent husbands, boyfriends, fathers, step-dads, maintenance men, chefs, mechanics, landscapers and lays. But these women simply can not shut the f_ck up when it comes time for football season.

I see FB statuses whining about how he’s watching he game, I hear long phone calls complaning about how he should be doing yard work or spending time with the kids instead of cheering on the Packers. Guilt trips, rules about how long he’s allowed to watch the season opener, vacuuming during the last two minutes of the 4th because you think it’s funny. Eye rolling, degrading remarks, calling him a ‘child,’ putting down his friends…. the list goes on.

And you know what gals? You’re a bunch of b_tches.

Emphasis there was mine. I suggest reading the whole thing, and then voting on the related Asylum poll regarding your thoughts on female football fans. Here’s my vote Women that think like this? Awesome. Women complaining about other women’s asses? Not so much.

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