The Internet’s Freaking Out Over This Woman Snorting Something At An Astros Game

This late-breaking Sunday night video quickly went viral, and the source is an interesting one. Houston resident and UFC fighter Derrick “The Beast” Lewis recorded this clip as he attended an Astros playoff game (they defeated the Kansas City Royals). He Instagrammed the evidence, which spread like mad with copycat versions popping up all over the Internet. A mirror posted on boasted several thousand users watching at once.

In the clip, Lewis makes no secret of recording a woman as he shakes his head in disbelief. She appears to be openly snorting a mysterious substance in the stands, and then she cheers because, well, that’s what one does at a baseball game. The woman could have been grabbing a quick fix when she thought nobody was looking, but hey, maybe she simply has allergies. Usually, people duck off to the nearest bathroom for stunts like this.

Many uploaded versions of the video aren’t properly attributing credit to Lewis, but here’s a sampling of his Instagram comments:

Ross Bolen gave credit to Lewis after his initial tweet-take on the matter:

Elsewhere, Twitter posed mixed yet ultimately strong reactions. People switched off between bobbing their heads along with Lewis and shaming him for shaming the lady.

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