A Woman Is Suing The Miami Marlins Because Of A 2013 ‘Shark Attack’

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The Great Sea Race is a common occurrence at Miami Marlins home games. Every sixth inning, four mascots will race around the field, as mascots are wont to do during in-game promotions like this.

During the June 29, 2013 version of the Great Sea Race, Bob the Shark pretended to bite a woman in the crowd. The woman, named Beth Fedornak, is now suing the team for injuries she suffered during the race, according to the Miami Herald.

Fedornak, from Bradenton, went to the ballpark to see the San Diego Padres play the Marlins on June 29, 2013. According to the lawsuit, Bob the Shark approached her and pretended to bite her head to excite the crowd of spectators.

She immediately felt pain in her neck “after the impact of the shark head down on top of her skull,” according to the court documents filed on June 12, 2015 by her attorneys from the firm Carl Reynolds Law.

The suit claims that Fedornak has had to shell out more than $86,000 in medical expenses and that the injuries have impaired her ability to work. There’s no word on if or when this will go to trial.

(via Miami Herald)

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