This Woman Went To A Hockey Game In Her Wedding Dress And Ate A Big Ol’ Burger

Most newlyweds prefer to celebrate their marriage by taking a honeymoon to a tropical island or some other exotic place. This Minnesota couple, however, elected to take in a Wild game…and they didn’t even bother to change out of their wedding outfits.

Now, as a disclaimer, I’m not totally sure this is even a newlywed couple. Maybe they’re just a couple with a great sense of humor (and/or a burning desire to get on TV) and had an extra tux and wedding dress laying around, so they decided to have some fun with their trip to Saturday’s Wild-Stars game in Minnesota. But it would seem that, more likely than not, this is a just-married couple that loves hockey just about as much as they love each other.

Marrying a woman who willingly agrees to wear her gown to a game immediately after your wedding seems like a dream come true for most diehard hockey fans, but it gets better. While at the game, the bride also took advantage of the concessions and ordered a very large burger to go along with her beer.

If that’s not the beginning of an extremely healthy and happy relationship, I don’t think there’s any hope for the rest of us.