Women Be Draftin’, Am I Right, Fellas?

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02.08.12 8 Comments

Let’s face the facts, guys and dolls – if you’re short a Y chromosome, there’s just no way you can like baseball for the right reasons. At least that’s what I’m taking away from the blogosphere’s website of hatred du jour, Baseball Boyfriend, which asks the question: “Who’s your Baseball Boyfriend?” Basically, while the men are off at work, earning the total household income, the ladies at home – nursing, cleaning and preparing food – can have their own fantasy baseball fun by “dating” a baseball player of their choice. I pick Steve Garvey!

If you’re unfamiliar with this Baseball Boyfriend idea, here’s the basic gist from what seems to be a Dan Gilbert-designed website:

Baseball Boyfriend doesn’t replace your current fantasy baseball experience or simplify it in any way. It’s a side game that you can play at the same time. While you are playing in your normal league, can have a Baseball Boyfriend off to the side. To play, you’ll need to be a part of a CBSSports fantasy baseball league.

In fairness, I’m just poking fun at yesterday’s Twitter rage, as the public response to this idea has just been hilarious. Women think it’s sexist and guys who consider themselves modern and progressive-minded also think it’s the online equivalent of clubbing a girl over the head and dragging her back to a cave. But I just don’t see the big deal, because almost all of us know a girl who has filled out a March Madness pool sheet based solely on cute uniforms or players. Hell, I’m surprised this isn’t coming straight from MLB.com.

In fact, I see this as a relationship builder, if anything. As the description states, a girl has to be in a CBS Sports Fantasy Baseball League, too, so her man is going to have to help her create a league. Haha, what’s that, honey? Your desired screen name is already taken? Well I’m sure you can live with I’mASamanthaXOXO143~I<3Pinterest2. Now quiet down, the game is on.

(Please don’t be offended, ladies. I can assure you I’m going to be slapped when I get home later.)

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