09.19.08 9 years ago 17 Comments

Last month, we took a look at Wives Against Fantasy Sports, the collection of humorless control freaks who called themselves “widows” because they had lost their husbands to that hot little skank called fantasy football.

A site called MomLogic has finally caught wind of WAFS — apparently, they’re not avid readers of With Leather — and while their take has a better sense of reality, they still have complaints:

• “Fantasy sports players are basically Dungeons and Dragons dorks, only dressed like jocks. When my husband is trying to ‘work a trade,’ he concentrates incredibly hard. In fact, I’m sure he thinks he’s qualified to manage a real-life team now! Although it can be really annoying, I actually think it’s kind of funny.”

• “There are times when my guy actually prefers to check his stats than have sex. Several times, I’ve had to pry him away from the computer to get some attention. And when one sports season ends, another one begins. It’s non-stop.”

Ugh.  That last thing is probably the worst thing about being in a relationship.  Women.  Always wanting attention and trying to have sex with me.  Leave me alone, harpy!  I’m trying to figure out if Aaron Rodgers for Plaxico Burress is a beneficial trade!

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