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Guess what? Even one of the best women's college basketball teams is having trouble attracting fans, so they're trying to lure fans to the arena with free tuition:

"One of the things we have always heard from students is that they have so much going on. So I said, 'What can we do to entice you?'" said Jimmy Delaney, the [Tennessee] Lady Vols' marketing director. The promotion Delaney and coach Pat Summitt came up with? Free tuition . . .  "This is a win-win situation!" said Anna York, student body vice president and a student member of th University of Tennessee Board of Trustees. "The students can enjoy our amazing Lady Vols while also having the chance to win free tuition and other prizes." The other prizes include two tickets and hotel accommodations to the Women's Final Four in Tampa, Fla., assuming the Lady Vols are in it. The winners will fly down with the players. "Some people are more stoked about traveling with the team than getting free tuition," Delaney said.

Hmm, that is a tough choice. Whether to be trapped on a plane with a women's basketball team or to receive a free tuition at a university in Tennessee that's not Vanderbilt? Of course, you must be accepted to Tennessee first. Ha! That's a good one. Seriously though, make sure you know ho to spell your name. A simple "X" won't work in Knoxville – it isn't Arizona State. -KD 

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