01.08.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Michael Strahan and NFL scoopmaster Jay Glazer partied with Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife (left) and some other on-air talent from FOX over New Year’s, and the night had all the humping, licking, and groping you’d want to start your year off with (as the rest of the photos at Deadspin attest).

I dunno, maybe I’m getting old, but the “Oh my God! Famous people have fun!” photos just don’t really do it for me any more.  Like I’m really gonna sit through all the comments at Deadspin to see which anonymous jackasses would sleep with which women, or how someone thinks Strahan’s pinkie is gross, or the comments about something in the background of the photo that makes you wonder if veteran detectives have commenting accounts.

I dunno, maybe I’m just jealous.  On New Year’s Eve I went to a party with five people, my dog was my date, and I passed out with a drink in my hand a little after midnight.  Sexiest New Year’s ever?  Sexiest New Year’s ever.

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