Watch This Nerve-Racking World Record Slack Line Attempt And Feel The Madness

Spencer Seabrooke is a crazy man. The video above shows his world record attempt slack line walk at a 210-foot gap in British Columbia according to Gizmodo. Seabrooke is nearly 1,000 feet above the ground and nearly falls multiple times, but he manages to bust a record that he had set himself. Still, the entire trip is an ordeal and some nerves might not be able to take it, especially if you hate heights.

The drone footage shot by Zachary Moxley truly helps to capture the macho madness, but some sort of first person camera would be the ultimate way to experience this without actually doing it. If it were me, I’d be better off just jumping off the cliff and saving myself the time. Congrats to Seabrooke.

(Via Moxley)