An Indians Fan Knocked A Cubs Fan Out After Game 7 Of The World Series

Okay, look: when you’re personally invested in a sporting event, your emotions are going to run high. Especially in a situation like Game 7 of the freaking World Series. And ESPECIALLY especially when you’re a fan of the Indians or the Cubs, who were the owners of the two longest championship droughts in MLB. You’re living and dying on every pitch, for hours on end. And you’ve been doing it for weeks. Things have gotten way too real for way too long.

That’s not saying that we condone or in any way excuse this brutal one-punch knockout of a Cubs fan in the streets following Game 7 on Wednesday night. We’re just saying, like … we get it.

We’re not sure what led to this altercation, but it probably had something to do with one of the two guys being a little too loud and probably both being a little too drunk. He really smoked that dude, though. What a bummer way to end your night when your team won their first championship of your lifetime. “What happened? Where am I? Why is my face all skinned up and reeking of asphalt?”

The crazy thing is: when that guy wakes up, the Cubs are still the reigning World Series champs. What a weird world we’re living in right now.

UPDATE: TMZ Sports managed to score an interview with the man who shot the video, and he said the Cubs fan who was knocked out dared the Indians fan to hit him.

We spoke with Chris Vallimont … who says he pulled out his phone and started to record after he saw the two men cussing at each other right outside Progressive Field.

“The Cubs fan said, ‘You guys just blew a 3-1 lead, f**k you.'”

The Indians fan shot back, “Fight me, p****.”

The Cubs fan replied, “Hit me now, I dare you.”

The Indians fan accepted the challenge and blasted the Cubs fan in the face — and then immediately fled from the scene while the Cubs fan laid on the ground unconscious … so says Vallimont.

“He probably didn’t move for about 12 minutes.”

The Cubs fan was hospitalized, and police are still looking for the Indians fan, who remains unidentified.