This Kid Paid Off A World Series Bet By Letting His Friend Rip A Tooth Out With A Football

11.15.16 1 year ago

This is going to make you mad. I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do about that. It’s too important not to share as a warning to humankind. Let us place this in a time capsule so that in 100 years, when the bees rule the planet, the remaining enslaved humans can see the thing that finally turned all of civilization against young people.

Look at this. There’s nothing good about it. A bunch of rich kids, who could be aged 14 or 23, I have no idea, standing outside their super nice house in a video that was shot vertically. I’m not saying there should be mandatory minimum prison sentences for vertical videos, but YouTube should ban them. There should be fines or community service sentences.

“Before the postseason, I promised these two hooligans that if the Cubs won the World Series, they could rip one of my teeth out.” … Why? What kind of bet is that? How old are you? Is that a baby tooth? Is it an adult tooth? Because either way, that’s a stupid wagering term. Either you lose a tooth you’re about to lose already, or you are so stupid that you are letting a friend rip an adult tooth from your head because you felt so strongly about the postseason favorites not winning the World Series.

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