This World War II Vet Spent His 100th Birthday At Fenway And Got Himself A Foul Ball

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Fenway Park celebrated its 100th birthday just a few years ago. This week, the stadium was quite kind to a fan celebrating his own 100th.

Ben Sofka, a World War II veteran, had some nice front row seats to Tuesday’s Red Sox-Athletics game in Boston. Early in the contest, Ben was shown on Fenway’s video board as ‘Hero of the Night’ and received a nice ovation from the crowd to celebrate his milestone birthday.

But his special night didn’t end there. A third inning foul ball made its way over toward where Ben was seated, and one of the stadium’s foul ball girls snagged the baseball and presented it to him. He accepted the birthday gift and waved it to the crowd with a warm smile. That’s the good stuff right there.

Assuming Ben is a Red Sox fan, the rest of the game was probably just as enjoyable, considering the Sox clobbered the A’s 13-5 for their third straight victory. I’m not sure where Tuesday ranked amongst Ben’s 100 birthdays, but it certainly seemed to be a good one and that’s what counts. In 100 years, Ben has seen a lot of Red Sox history, and we’d be extra curious to hear what he thinks about the Pablo Sandoval contract.