World’s Largest Skateboard Crash

07.14.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

There’s not a lot of things that are more satisfying than watching some hipster, skateboarder asshat take a shot right to the balls while trying to nail a rail. While the world’s largest skateboard crashing certainly isn’t as satisfying as that, it’s still pretty badass.

Not even Shaquille O’Neal, if he knew the slightest thing about skateboarding, could handle the world’s largest skateboard by himself.

The over-sized but otherwise realistic contraption is 36 feet 7 inches long, nearly nine feet wide and weighs 3,800 pounds.

It requires a group of people to successfully ride and even then it’s usually a short and precarious journey that results in a highly comical wipeout.

So it was predictable that when California Skateparks owner and board co-designer Joe Ciaglia recently tried to give the WLS a solo-whirl down a grassy knoll, he was forced to bail from and nearly trampled by an out-of-control unit that flipped in a wild crash farther down the hill. –Grind TV

There’s video after the jump, and the bail looks surprisingly dangerous. Potential for broken vertebrae aside, charging a hill on that thing looks awesome. You could throw a pretty awesome party on that skateboard if you had a big enough hill. So many hot babes would want to party with you if you were rolling down a hill at 40 mph. “Who wants to do a keg stand? Ladies?”

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