Worse Fashion Offense: Lance Moore's Postgame Gear Or Colby Rasmus' Corn Rows?

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08.27.12 14 Comments

At some point after the New Orleans Saints evened their preseason record to 2-2 despite the fiery hell wishes of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Lance Moore made a decision. The oft-promising 28-year old receiver stood in front of his locker, stared at something he picked up at an LMFAO garage sale and thought, “Yes, this is the outfit that I’d like to wear to address the media tonight.”

Meanwhile, 1,100 miles or so away, Colby Rasmus was asking himself what he could do to break out of the humiliating slump that he’s currently enduring for the Toronto Blue Jays. Unfortunately, on Saturday, Rasmus went 0-for-3 and struck out 3 times, as the Blue Jays lost to the Baltimore Orioles, 8-2. At some point prior to that goose egg, Rasmus thought to himself, “Corn rows, that’ll end this 1-for-40 misery. Yes, corn rows.”

So obviously that begs the most important question of the day – who did it worse, Moore or Rasmus? Let’s examine.

First, here’s the full body shot of Lance Moore, as sent to me by UPROXX’s resident Saints fan, Cajun Boy.

I can almost hear him yelling, “YOLO!” after a reporter asked why he dropped a pass. Now let’s take a better look at Rasmus.

I don’t know, it’s pretty close to me. What sayeth you?

(Banner images via here and here, Rasmus close-up via this proud corn row aficionado.)

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