ESPN Aired Arguably The Most Cringeworthy Bad Beat In Poker History

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07.30.14 31 Comments

There are bad beats in poker and there are bad beats in a poker tourney where you buy-in for $1 million and oh God, this is so cringeworthy. Connor Drinan and Cary Katz raised and re-raised each other pre-flop during a hand at a WSOP event that featured a $1 million entry fee. When they turned over their cards, both had Aces, both had pocket rockets. A chop was inevitable, right?


What followed was three minutes of utter nonsense. What followed was the three worst minutes of Connor Drinan’s life as the dealer dealt out four cards to a flush. His reaction is captured quite gloriously below.

Drinan’s 18th place finish left him out of the money. His opponent, Cary Katz, went on to win $1,306,667. Ouch.

Let’s add insult to injury with the The Price Is Right horn, shall we?

And how about a Jim Ross remix? /dead

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