Watch A Compilation Of The Worst Broken Noses In MMA History

Mixed-martial arts is hell on your body. For proof of that, just look at the endless stream of training injuries constantly crippling UFC cards (Jose Aldo and Daniel Cormier being just the latest high-profile examples). And once the cage door closes, things get even more intense. Fighters break their fists on skulls, tear their tendons during takedowns, and have their noses smashed with elbows and knees.

If you were wondering what a nose looks like after that sort of violence, watch the above video from our friends at Submission Radio. They’ve compiled a rather thorough collection of the worst broken noses through MMA history, which makes me hope that UFC has a good rhinoplasty doctor on the payroll.

This video is just further proof that mixed-martial artists are tough as hell. While a soccer player will roll on the ground for 5 minutes when someone taps their shin, these guys will spend the same amount of time pleading with cageside doctors not to stop their fight.

(Via Submission Radio and MMA Junkie)