Worst College Football Fanbase In America? It’s Not Who You’d Think

09.01.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

Lost in the shuffle of BCS chicanery last week was the plight of Brigham Young University, whose football program was hoping to make its own exodus of sorts from the Mountain West Conference. Considering the history of the Mormon culture, I’m kinda surprised that BYU doesn’t play in multiple conferences at the same time.

The Provo, Utah, school doesn’t have many alternatives since the Mountain West pulled the rug from under the Western Athletic Conference by raiding Fresno State and Nevada. BYU was contemplating going to the WAC in all sports except football and becoming an independent in football but playing a handful of WAC opponents.

BYU has made no secret it wants greater freedom to broadcast its games over its network, BYU-TV. Unlike the proposed University of Texas network, BYU-TV isn’t a cash cow but a vehicle for spreading the Mormon faith.

–Denver Post.

The fact is that, in the history of horrible fanbases, BYU has gotten a pass, and that’s just not right. While Ohio State fans might urinate wherever they please and Alabama fans can’t read and Clemson fans can’t manage expectations, BYU fans for the large part think they’re the LDS version of Notre Dame.

You see, nothing beats watching those pompous blowhards hang their heads in shame after an embarrassing defeat…Especially if Bronco Mendenhall can shed a tear. Oh God, please let him cry. –Block U.

I really don’t have anything against Mormons, aside from their cultish ways and disdain for Mormon jokes. Other than that, they’re pretty chill. But BYU needs to just be grateful that they actually have a conference in which to play. And now that they suddenly can drink caffeine, they ought to just have a Coke and a smile and shut the f*ck up.

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