The Worst Free Throw Ever, A Title We Can Never Hand Out Again

When you see a video titled “worst free throw ever,” your first thought is probably, “it can’t be worse than X free throw I’ve seen from Y person who is objectively terrible at free throws.” In this example, Y = Shaq, and X = every free throw ever tried by Shaq. You’re thinking he just airballed it, or he accompanied it with some stupid gesture to get people on the Internet all hyperbolic about how assy he is at basketball. You would be wrong, because holy shit, this is the worst free throw ever.

The video made the rounds this weekend — I’m giving the hat-tip to Jon Bois, because he’s the most trusted name in “things that make Brandon laugh” — and … how do I even explain it? Just watch it. It’s like watching a guy try to shoot free throws with a bowling ball. You know it’s bad when the announcers break out “I’m not sure WHAT that was” and “good lowered.”

Video is below.

It’s like one of those weird clips of reporters having strokes and speaking in gibberish mid-broadcast, in basketball form. I can’t stop laughing at it, or comparing it to things. IT’S LIKE HE’S TRYING FOR THE SUPER TALL BASKET IN ROCK N’ JOCK.