This Might Be The Worst Own Goal Of All Time

Torino goalkeeper Daniele Padelli had an... by footy-goalscom

I know there are many of you out there whose attitude towards soccer is “pssh, whatever” at best, but not even all the philistines can deny that they enjoy a good, old-fashioned cock-up. (When talking about soccer, it’s acceptable for Americans to use British slang. This is a fact.) And this cock-up is as bad as it gets.

Own goals are soccer’s greatest contribution to the international tradition of sporting bloopers, simply because it’s so hard to score a goal on purpose. In baseball, it would equate to a pitcher getting turned around and accidentally hurling the baseball into the stands, and having it count as a home run. (That would also be awesome.)

Torino FC is a team in Serie A, the highest level of Italian soccer, which makes it all the more shocking that goalie Daniele Padelli scuffs a clearance and sends it spinning into his own goal at an angle that would make a striker jealous. This isn’t a semi-pro game filmed on grainy cameras, this is the big leagues! And yet it was so bad that the closest opponent, instead of celebrating as one normally would, simply jogs away as if to save the goalie further embarrassment. That’s really bad.

If Padelli still has a job (and he doesn’t deserve to be fired over one mistake, no matter how colossal), it will not be fun for him to go back to work the next day.

(Via Screamer)