Worst. Uniform Change. Ever.

04.07.11 7 years ago 19 Comments

Penn State will wear “new” unis this fall, and as you can see from the images above, the changes are next to pointless. The only modification being made is that the trim on the sleeves and neck of the jerseys will be gone, leaving a bland base look with absolutely no detail whatsoever. Oh, except for the Nike swoosh. I’m sure Nike was just an innocent bystander in the whole thing and didn’t engineer this to sell more replica gear.

As if it wasn’t easy enough to recruit against the Big Ten, those schools in the south can now boast that their practice jerseys are even nicer than Penn State’s gameday apparel. It wasn’t enough that Penn State football has cold winters, no built-in TV market and a head coach that could die at any moment. No, they had to put themselves even farther in the hole. Next year they might even ban liquor and women from campus. Hey, look how well that works for BYU.

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