Wrestler’s Wedding Uses WWE Themes

12.02.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

I’ve followed my share of pro wrestling over the years, but that mostly ended when I learned that girls like to have sex with guys who don’t watch pro wrestling. So forgive me that I’m not too familiar with “champion” wrestler Big Dan Mandini (real name Dan Mezzina). Also known as “Half Man, Half Amazing”, “The Boy O’ Glee”, and “All That is Delicious” – according to his Facebook fan club with 5 members – Dan wrestles in the East Coast Pro-Wrestling stable and he recently got married. And like most of the kids these days, Dan got creative with his bridal party intros.
With the help of the awesome and legendary WWF/WWE announcer Howard Finkel, Dan’s wedding party was introduced to vintage WWF theme music, including Brett “The Hitman” Hart, The Orient Express, Linda McMahon, and Hulk Hogan. Dan and his bride, Jennifer, made the obvious – and best – choice and entered to Mr. Perfect’s theme music. All in all, I give the idea an A and the execution a C-minus, ranking this just above the WWE’s wedding of Billy and Chuck (pictured above). Look, if you’re going to invoke the legends of the WWF then I need to see all wheels spinning.
Check the video with my critique after the jump, as well as a special Dan Mandini wrasslin’ highlight and a few other perfect treats…

The first groomsman does a solid Hitman routine, even giving his sunglasses to another guest. But the next two pairs just completely missed the boat. Do some research, people. By the time we got to the best man’s Hogan routine I was too bothered by the previous mess. And Dan, come on dude! You’re going to give us a Mr. Perfect entrance and not swat your gum into the crowd? Who cares if it lands in grandma Edna’s silver wig? Stick to the role, brother. Nobody was better than Mr. Perfect at selling the moment.
(Video via Barstool Sports New York)

Oh how the mighty have fallen, Ultimate Warrior.

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