There Was A Horrifying Moment During A Cubs Rain Delay When A Fan Fell Out Of The Stands Onto The Field

A closer, scarier shot can be seen here, but be warned, it could be disturbing for viewers.

A rain-delayed Cubs game experienced a frightening moment this evening when a fan apparently fell over the right field wall and was motionless on the warning track. Medical personnel were on the scene quickly to attend, but the initial fall made it look very serious. The game hadn’t begun due to storms in the area, ironically enough the game itself is a make-up for an earlier rain out.

Luckily, after a few minutes the fan was stretchered away, awake and moving around. Some people on twitter noted they heard sirens outside the park a few minutes after he was carted away, but to be fair, in a city as big as Chicago that could have been for anyone. No update from the Cubs except to say that they hoped to finally start the game at 8:40 p.m.

The fact that the fan was eventually moving around is encouraging, here’s hoping he’s just a guy who had too much time on his hands during the rain delay and spent it all at the beer stand, but we’ll update it later if it’s anything more serious.