Going Big Or Going Home: The Live Straddle Is On

07.09.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

PUNTE is in Las Vegas covering the WSOP Main Event. For more daily updates from the Main Event, follow his dedicated page at facebook.com/JoshAtWSOP.

The book on multi-day tournament poker is to make aggressive plays late in each day, the logic being that one will either (a) win those bigger pots and advance to the next day with more equity, or (b) bust out late in the day and save oneself the agony of making the car ride back, only to bleed to death the following morning. I was surprised to see how few people actually followed that strategy, as many players found themselves coming into Day 2A with 15k in chips, less than half of their starting stack, or even less.

The seriousness of the matter was evident upon walking into the Amazon room at the Rio Convention Center. The idle chatter, fanfare, and naive exuberance of the tournament’s first day(s) were gone. The players, all 2,412 of them, realized that today would be pivotal in their respective quests for poker’s world championship.

Poker Quote Of The Day:

Your best chance to get a Royal Flush in a casino is in the bathroom.

–V.P. Pappy, via.

Semi-Notable Celebrity Sightings To Date: David Alan Grier. This is totally unfounded, but David Alan Grier always struck me as incredibly, uh, flamboyant for an African-American male. To be fair, he already has gone through two wives and collects motorcycles, a very manly pursuit. Grier busted out earlier today, but let the record show that he did it in living color.

Shannon Elizabeth

Jennifer Tilly

Orel Hershisher

Ray Romano

Rene Angelil

Dennis Haskins

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Montel Williams.

Top Pair: Trishelle Cannatella (right). The former reality TV star actually busted a player yesterday when her kings held up against tens. And, as it usually is with Trishelle, it was a very impressive bust.

Young Poker Pro That Makes More Money Than You. Melanie Weisner was just signed as a “red pro” for a prominent poker site, and it’s easy to see why. The redhead already has five cashes this year, including three final tables and a first-place finish in the ladies’ event at the PokerStars EPT Grand Final. Her earnings to date: $93,707. That’s a fair amount of dimp for half a year’s “work.”

Bad Beat Of The Day:

Mike D’Agostino learns the hard way that kings don’t always hold up against threes.

Bizarre Prop Bet That’s Years Old To Everyone Else: Pro Matt Gianetti took bets from a handful of people that he couldn’t stay in a pool for 12 hours. Here’s how it turned out. One can only imagine the potential shrinkage.

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