WWE NXT And Legends House Open Discussion Thread 5/8/14

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05.08.14 47 Comments
Legends House Flock O Flamingo


I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says Flock O Flamingo.

Last week on Legends House:

– The gang went bowling against a bunch of ladies who dress like Cesaro
– The gang made local commercials
– Tony Atlas became a living amalgam of human and bird
– Everybody wants to beat the shit out of Tony Atlas, but it’s not a racial thing (?)
– The mystery of “who pushed the car wash button before Pat Patterson was ready” riveted audiences for almost 10 minutes

And here is your non-spoiler listing for matches on tonight’s WWE NXT:

– NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Match: Charlotte vs. Emma
– Kalisto and El Local vs. The Legionnaires
– Camacho vs. Adam Rose’s Masked Rosebud
– NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Match: Alicia Fox vs. Alexa Bliss
– 20-Man Battle Royal For a Shot at the NXT Championship at Takeover

Make your best jokes, and hell, if we can get a good community going for these kinds of posts we’ll really be in business. Help spread the word, okay? It doesn’t have to happen in real time, just pop in here and make some jokes when you see the show. And social media that jazz. Hashtag you’re helping.

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