WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 10/21/13: Filmed Exclusively In Portrait Mode

Tonight on the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

There’s still no WWE Champion and fired Superstar Big Show continues to wreak havoc in WWE. Yet, WWE COO Triple H has promised to deal with The World’s Largest Athlete on Raw, and a WWE Champion will finally be crowned at WWE Hell in a Cell. What will unfold on the final Raw before the big pay-per-view? Here are five things to look for tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network. (via

Our five-point preview:

1. The ending to last week’s Raw was one of the best moments in the history of the show, so if the title change doesn’t get “Night Of Champions’d” away tonight we’ll consider it a win. Quick Best and Worst report: Best – Cody, Goldust and The Shield, Worst – everything else on the show not being as good as that.

2. Speaking of The Shield, they have their own Rise Above Cancer shirt now. I’m going to buy that because I’m a mark, but damn, I do not believe The Shield gives a shit about breast cancer. The back of it should say CHARLIE ALPHA NOVEMBER CHARLIE ECHO ROMEO anyway.

3. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton are having a Hell in a Cell contract signing tonight, which means the last page of tomorrow’s Best and Worst is just gonna be me reviewing an episode of GLOW. The match has been announced for weeks, why are we just signing contracts now? Shouldn’t you get the contracts signed before you start promoting the match?

4. Is John Cena ready for Hell in a Cell? Yes.

5. ANNOUNCING THE CURTIS AXEL ART PROJECT:If you draw a picture of Curtis Axel doing anything and share it in this thread, I will automatically include it in tomorrow’s report. If you have a child and get your child to draw Curtis Axel and send it to me, I will not only include the picture, I will hug you in real life. Example:

h/t to @Danaconda813. If you can’t draw, reply to your favorite comments with a +1 and I’ll include the ten best in tomorrow’s report as well.

Enjoy the show, all.