WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 10/8/12: Quick, Hit The Reset Button Again

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10.08.12 2,603 Comments

Vince McMahon WWE Raw

Tonight on the WWE Raw open discussion thread, it’s RATINGS DROP OVERCOMPENSATION FEVER!

WWE.com has learned that Mr. McMahon will be at tonight’s Raw in Sacramento, Calif., to deliver a State of WWE Address. What will The Chairman have to say? Will he address the performance of Raw General Manager AJ Lee? Could her job be in jeopardy?

In addition to addressing the current state of affairs within WWE, does Mr. McMahon have anything to say regarding its future? Could The Chairman have a message directly from WWE’s Board of Directors?

The entire WWE Universe is buzzing about this surprise appearance. Tune in tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network to find out what Mr. McMahon has to say. (via WWE.com)

“WWE.com has learned” is my favorite part. Whew, good job on that, guys, I thought TMZ was gonna beat you to that “Mr. McMahon will show up on Raw” scoop.

Tonight’s five point preview:

1. Now that Brodus Clay has been beaten cleanly in one minute, will he move the hell on with his life, or will he just show up to splash JTG and dance with a bunch of kids like nothing ever happened?

2. What will happen in the tag team tournament? Will Rhodes Scholar face Team Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championships? More importantly, can we put together a bunch of tag teams based solely on how their names would fit together? Suggestions: Tyson Kidd and Ryback (Tieback), Heath Slater and Seth Rollins (Rollins Band), Percy Watson and Triple H (Percy Sledge).

3. Spoiler alert: the next clue in the Kaitlyn murder assault mystery is, “she was wearing clothes”.

4. Will Ryback be able to effortlessly lift his next opponent, assuming they are those 110 pound guys he fought for months?

5. Who will be the new Raw general manager, and who do I have to blow around here to make it John Laurinaitis?

As always, my 10 favorite comments from tonight’s WWE Raw open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of Raw report. To nominate a comment for top 10 status, please reply to it with a +1.

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