WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 11/11/13: It’s 11-11, Make A Wish


Tonight, on the With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread:

On Sunday, Triple H tweeted, “@KaneWWE: As discussed, we will be watching #WWE #RAW.” What was “discussed” between the two parties? Has The Authority gone on vacation? From where are they watching? And just who’s in charge tonight? While the demon may toe the line for Triple H, however, another fiend is also on the loose as Bray Wyatt’s merciless attacks spill over into their third week. What does this tonight’s Raw hold in store for all the key players, including Wyatt and the new No. 1 contender, Big Show? Here are a few theories. (via

Five-point preview:

1. The most important thing this week: WWE has THE SHIELD Christmas ornaments.

Also of note: last year they had a Daniel Bryan gingerbread man ornament, but this year they don’t. They have Sheamus and Rey Mysterio, though. WELCOME BACK TO IRRELEVANCE, DANIEL.

2. The WWE preview is teasing a “full-fledged coalition” between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk tonight. Best case scenario: that Kassius Ohno release was a swerve-work (a swerk) and he’s gonna show up alongside them to fight off the Wyatts like the f*cking should’ve.

3. Cryptic Tweetz suggest that the Authority will be “on vacation” and leaving tonight’s show in new Director of Operations Kane’s hands. The good business lesson here is that if you have to leave your job, get the guy who you dressed up as and f*cked a mannequin to prove was a necropheliac to do it for you.

4. ‘Total Divas’ is back, so be sure you’ve read Burnsy’s recap before you have to watch five or six recaps of it on Raw.

5. The Curtis Axel Art Project rolls on! This week I asked you to take this picture and reinterpret it however you’d like:

Photoshop, MS paint, video, stop motion animation, oil painting, interpretive dance, whatever you wanna do. Just be sure you tweet your entry to me directly @MrBrandonStroud and include the hashtag #CurtisAxelArtProject. Otherwise these things are hard to keep track of. All entries will be included in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw report.

Your other way to get into the report is with a top 10 comment of the week. If you see a comment you like, reply to it with a +1. I’ll put ten of them in tomorrow’s column.

Enjoy the show, everybody.