WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 11/12/12: Brad Maddox Pins The Ryback, Probably

11.12.12 5 years ago 2,775 Comments

Brad Maddox vest

Tonight, on the ALL BRAD MADDOX’S VEST edition of the WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread:

The topic of the week is food, and not just because Thanksgiving is officially around the corner. Specifically, we’re talking about the latest course in Ryback’s never-ending feeding frenzy throughout the ranks of WWE. The monster finally fed on CM Punk last week, decimating the WWE Champion in a tag team match only hours after Mr. McMahon declared Ryback and John Cena would challenge for The Second City Saint’s title in a Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series. But even so, it seemed to be Cena who got Ryback’s mouth watering the most, and the specter of an all-out brawl between the two strongmen now looms large. What developments will Monday bring? Here’s our five-point preview.

PS: Jerry Lawler’s back!!! We’re excited, too. (via WWE.com)

1. Chance that someone will use Jerry Lawler’s for-real almost-death on Raw to get heel heat: 100%. Chance Lawler will use it as the punchline to a joke about how he wants to see Diva boobies: Also 100%. “Woo hoo, Cole! I would pass out on Raw and die if Kelly Kelly gave me the stink face!” etc.

2. Having been changed from Team Foley and Team Punk, Team Orton and Team Ziggler will change members again and become Team Heath Slater versus Team David Otunga. It will be AWESOME. Ezekiel Jackson will be back for it, probably!

3. Brad Maddox will defeat Ryback and earn an Iron Clad Contract, which (according to that WWE hierarchy chart floating around) means only The Big Show can hire or fire him.

4. If they don’t have a backstage Thanksgiving party this week where somebody gets thrown into a bowl of stuffing (or whatever), they’ll do it next week. Santino will say “the thanks of givingses!” and people who have never heard jokes before will laugh and laugh.

5. JOHN CENA in all capital letters.

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