WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 12/31/12: Happy New Year’s Eve, Here’s A Taped Show!

This week on the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

It was a monumental year in WWE, including Raw’s record-breaking 1,000th episode and WWE Champion CM Punk’s historic reign. As 2013 looms, what will unfold on a special New Year’s Eve edition of Raw? Here are five things to look for on Monday at 8/7 CT on USA Network, including a special New Year’s Eve toast. (via WWE.com)

And, as always, here’s the With Leather five-point preview:

1. The last two shows fell on holidays, which left us with two taped shows in a row. Taped shows are almost always the worst, but I missed last week, and New Year’s Day doesn’t give me as much of an excuse to bail as Christmas, so here we are.

2. I haven’t read the spoilers in total (besides the one WWE.com decided to ruin for everyone), but from what I know, you will not enjoy the first and last 15 minutes of Raw. You’ll enjoy it even less if you’re one of those types who reads my column and gets bent out of shape when I start complaining about them treating women like garbage.

3. Regarding that WWE.com spoiler, that WWE.com spoiler sounds pretty great!

4. When you’re watching the show live and hear the crowd go AAAOOHHHH every time Miz knocks somebody down, remember: that is their real reaction, and nothing has been touched in post. The crowd is SUPER INTO every time Miz knocks somebody down!

5. Important Community News #1: We’re starting to get around 4,000 comments for these Raw threads, but they’re coming (more often than not) from the same 200ish people. If you’re a regular in these threads, please, make my holiday wishes come true by inviting one or more of your friends into tonight’s thread to ALSO make jokes with us, because I can only give so many top 10 comments to Lester and Tobogganing Bear before I give up and just copy/paste-in their jokes as my report.

Important Community News #2:

As a special incentive for participating in tonight’s December 31st pre-taped AAOOOHH bonanza, we’re allowing you to show your holiday spirit with the NEW YEAR’S EVE badge. All you have to do to unlock it is click the “like” button, tweet the WWE Raw open discussion thread on your Twittah Machine and drop a comment or several during tonight’s show. Suggestion: When you do these things, make sure you wait a sec and let the CONGRATULATIONS YOU UNLOCKED THIS BADGE thing to pop up at the bottom instead of quickly clicking away, because that’s why some of you aren’t getting them!

And as always, tonight’s 10 best comments will be featured in tomorrow’s pre-taped Best And Worst Of Raw column. To nominate a comment for top 10 consideration, please reply to it with a +1. I’m looking for 10 fresh faces this week, so let’s make that happen!