WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 1/28/13: So, Uh, This Happened

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Hey, you! Be sure you’ve read The Best And Worst Of WWE Royal Rumble 2013 before watching Raw.

Tonight, on the WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread:

There will be no Day 435 for CM Punk’s WWE Championship reign. The Straight Edge Superstar’s near unprecedented run as WWE Champion ran into a brick wall at the 2013 Royal Rumble when Punk lost his precious prize to The Rock in a highly anticipated, hotly contested match that took both Superstars to the brink. Now that The People’s Champion has made good on his promise to claim the WWE Title once more, though, what awaits on Day 1 of The Rock’s new title reign? And with John Cena having won the Royal Rumble Match, earning a World Title challenge of his choice at WrestleMania, will that throw a wrench into Punk’s plans for a rematch? (via WWE.com)

Five-point preview:

1. I haven’t decided how I’m officially handling Rock’s 2013 WWE title reign. It’s somewhere between “reviewing old episodes of WCW Monday Nitro” and “unloading every Paramore GIF at my disposal.” I think I’ll just move forward assuming he won’t be on the shows, and when he pops in to say YO JINDER MAHAL CHING CHONG WING WONG or whatever I can pretend I’m watching something else.

2. Tonight, Paul Heyman gets a “performance evaluation,” which doesn’t make a lot of sense because I always thought he was CM Punk’s like, independently contracted business manager or whatever. But hey, Vickie Guerrero can tell the San Jose Police Department what to do, so who knows.

3. Know all that stuff you wanted to see last night at the Royal Rumble, but didn’t? It’s on Raw tonight, for free!

4. Hopefully the mystery entrants from the Royal Rumble will stick around and be a part of the roster, because they’re great. Except for the Godfather. Unless he wants another run as Papa Shango, which would be THE GREATEST.

5. Quiet defeat.

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Enjoy the show, everybody.

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