WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 3/3/14: Drink Every Time The Crowd Says CM Punk

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03.03.14 4,151 Comments
Chicago Raw crowd

Chicago's mission: be better than these A-holes.

Tonight, on a very special edition of the With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread:

It ain’t over till it’s over: The Shield and The Wyatt Family haven’t remotely settled their differences despite their battle at Elimination Chamber. In fact, lingering tensions between the factions have led to the rematch of all rematches this Monday on Raw, by order of WWE COO Triple H. Yet despite The King of Kings’ efforts to keep his house in order, an intriguing proposal by Daniel Bryan has put The Authority as a whole on the spot, and an interesting wrinkle has occurred within the balance of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture. So let’s rev things up with WWE.com’s five-point preview for this week’s Raw, featuring special guest star Aaron Paul. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Aaron Paul’s appearance may be the only time I give a Best to someone for saying “bitch” on Raw.

2. Tonight’s show comes to us from CHICAGO, so GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS. Whether Punk comes back in the first segment or the crowd has to #hijackraw or whatever, it’ll be something to talk about. If the show starts with Punk’s music only for Wade Barrett to rise up from the crowd in an AFI hoodie asking for decorum I swear to God I will love wrestling forever.

3. Also on tonight’s show: Shield vs. Wyatts II. Here’s to hoping they do that after whatever they’re gonna do with Punk so we don’t have to sit through more “Randy Savage” chants during Raw’s still pretty-rare run of giving us good matches every week. I will lock the doors in Chicago and Ernest Miller you all, I’m not kidding.

4. I really want Batista to cut another “deal with it” promo like the one on Smackdown so he can officially become Liz Lemon’s Dealbreaker the wrestler. “Cheering for Daniel Bryan? THAT’S A DEALBREAKER, LADIES.”

5. The first two hours of Raw should just be NXT arRIVAL.

As always, the ten best comments from tonight’s CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK. To nominate a comment for consideration, reply to it with a +1. Not CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK.

Enjoy the CM PUNK, everybody.

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