WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 3/5/12: With Special Guest Host 'Peanut Head'

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03.05.12 2,747 Comments


Tonight on Raw:

– Teddy Long takes over as the Raw general manager thanks to an edict from the mysterious Board Of Directors, meaning nothing will be planned out, Randy Orton will probably have at least three matches and Teddy will be waiting by the curtain to interrupt any kerfuffles with an impromptu tag team match announcement. Also, if we’re lucky, the return of the White Boy Challenge.

– Pre-emptive best: David Otunga and Teddy long switching clothes, finding out that they’ve been accidentally wearing each others’ sizes.

– The Rock will be in the house! Or he won’t.

– Triple H and the Undertaker were oddly absent on last week’s show, which nearly guarantees a solid 33 minutes of THIS BUSINESS to open up tonight. I hope they reveal that when they say “this business” they don’t mean wrestling, they mean public speaking.

Poll time:

Remember, the top 10 comments from tonight’s open discussion thread will be featured as my fave five ‘longside muh boy D-Bryan right here in tomorrow’s Best and Worst Of WWE Raw report. That makes you an Internet celebrity by proxy!

Also something to remember: To nominate a comment for one of the top 10 of the night, be sure to reply with +1. That’ll make it easier for me to differentiate between the 2,000-or-so comments that are left.

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