WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/15/13: The Post-Post-Mania Raw Raw

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This week, on the With Leather WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread:

What will CM Punk have in store for the WWE Universe in his first Raw since losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania? Will Ryback speak on his attack of John Cena? And will the WWE Universe ever stop dancing? Here are five theories. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. I considered calling this week’s open discussion thread “the one where Fandango is less over,” but I hope that’s not the case. I think “overused meme” would be an awesome gimmick for a wrestler in 2013. Let Fandangoing play out its natural course, then do it for way too long to heat from all. It’ll be like R-Truth still singing “What’s Up,” only on purpose.

2. CM Punk returns tonight! Nothing snarky here, just a reminder that you should buy the Second City Saint t-shirt because Jill Thompson drew it, and Jill is the best.

3. Ryback will explain why he attacked John Cena last week, even though (1) everybody already understands why, (2) he was totally in the right because John Cena’s a jerk who was trying to ape his chants, (3) f**k John Cena. Also, (4) Ryback should never talk.

4. Randy Orton will not remember his line. He’ll go to the papers (the cue cards) if he has to.

5. South Carolina gets to be the crowd that let WWE down. Congratulations, everybody! Here’s a tip: if you’re going to the live show, just chant YOU STILL GO IT non-stop when you enter the building. Wrestlers love that one, even if it doesn’t make sense.

As always, my 10 favorite comments from tonight’s WWE Raw open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw report. To nominate a comment for top 10 consideration, please reply to it with a +1.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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