WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/16/12: It’s On Tape, But Try To Ignore That

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04.16.12 2,245 Comments

Welcome to the latest With Leather WWE Open Discussion Thread, where everything you think and want to say about Raw is okay, as long as it is Cody Rhodes-positive.

On tonight’s show!

– Raw comes to you live (on tape) from London, England, which means half of you will be spoiled by the time you get to the thread. Let’s try to keep things relatively spoiler free, if that’s at all possible.

– Don’t read the spoilers; you’ll want to be surprised when Big Show interrupts Cody Rhodes’ match again.

– The Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match at Extreme Rules gets an EXTREME~ stipulation, in case Brock is like Rocky and wants to spend 30 minutes on the ground in a bear hug.

– William Regal might make an appearance, because England!

Joining in on the conversation tonight and letting people know about it will help you earn the latest With Leather badge, the mighty Funkasaurus!. So make sure you’re registered (you can do that to the right of this column, somewhere up near the top), try not to get winded by the frantic pace of pre-taping and earn that funky, racially non-specific dinosaur man for your UPROXX profile.

Things about commenting to remember: the best 10 comments from tonight’s open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw report. To nominate a comment as one of the best, reply to it with a +1.

– Our polls don’t work in Europe, so they’ll return next week.

Anyway, comment, throw us some “likes”, plus your Google as hard as possible and hop onto Twitter to tell your friends about the fastest growing community of cool wrestling fans you can find on the Internet. Well, as cool as we get.

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