WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 4/29/13: You're Welcome

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Tonight, on the With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread:

The Shield cut a path of destruction through Europe, culminating in a brutal beatdown of The Undertaker. What will unfold when Raw returns home to America? Here are five reasons to tune in tonight at 8/7 on USA Network. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview is after the jump.

1. Man, does that WWE.com blurb scream “we don’t know what’s gonna happen on Raw yet, either,” or what?

2. John Cena was injured on the European tour, and it seems pretty serious:

WWE Champion John Cena sustained an injury during WWE’s European tour, raising questions about the scheduled match between the WWE Champion and Ryback at Extreme Rules. However, Cena confirmed on Twitter that he will be live on Raw.

Spoiler: John Cena talks about how he’ll miss a bunch of shows, misses zero shows, wrestles with a broken foot, beats Ryback, continues beating whoever with a broken foot because his body doesn’t work like a normal person’s and all he can do is that one John Cena wrestling match. If he stops doing it, he’ll die. He’s like a shark.

3. That’s … uh, it. The WWE preview is just “WHAT WILL HAPPEN ON RAW” with topics like “there is a match at Extreme Rules, what will happen before it happens.” So … three-point preview this week.

As always, my ten favorite comments from tonight’s WWE Raw open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw column. To nominate a comment for top 10 consideration, please reply to it with a +1.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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