WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/19/14

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Spoiler alert: whatever she does will be the best part of the show.

Tonight on the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Guess who’s back? That would be The Shield, who rebounded from a rough week to more or less tear Evolution a new one, scattering Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista to the windandtaking out a slew of Authority-commanded Superstars to boot. As good as The Hounds of Justice look right now, though, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan’s fortunes are far more difficult to determine. With the leader of the “Yes!” Movement recovering from neck surgery, The Authority has promised to determine the fate of Bryan’s title this Monday. What will go down on a sure-to-be epic Raw, emanating from London’s O2 Arena? WWE.com presents five ideas for anarchy in the U.K.: (via WWE)

Our five point preview:

1. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are currently drifting downriver on a wooden raft, so enjoy six more years of “I broke my neck but whoops I’m back in four days” JC as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

2. I’m on an airplane during this Raw, so get your jokes ready. A few technicalities: I’m typing this in the early afternoon as I sit in the Orlando airport food court with iffy WiFi and it’ll publish a few hours from now. Raw’s in England. It might not be perfect, but if my “Raw’s best when I’m stuck in transit” luck holds up, I’ll get a great Raw AND get home in time to watch it. BOOM.

3. Bad News Barrett is going to rule tonight, and I hope they give him the full Punk In Chicago treatment.

4. If Big E addresses Rusev’s racially-profilable violence at any point in the show and they use it as the official story, I’m a Big E fan again. If they have an awkward match and one of them bleeds by accident, probably not.

5. If Rob Van Dam and Adam Rose are gonna be friends and team up, Jack Swagger needs a new Real American pal. Can we put Fandango in USA pants? He looks like a guy who’d love America. Also, an RVD/Adam team needs to be called “Van Lear Rose.”

Share this around so we can get a hearty conversation going and some new voices. I’ll cherry pick ten of the best comments to include in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column, so reply to the ones you like with +1. If there are any problems with tonight’s thread, direct them to support at UPROXX, because I will be travel-lagged toast.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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