WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/20/13: Hold On, I’m Blogging

Tonight, on the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Well, that was extreme. The wildest night of the WWE year is behind us now and among the Superstars left in the wreckage are WWE Champion John Cena (retained his title but paid dearly in the process), Triple H (defeated by Brock Lesnar in the steel cage), and no less than three champions dethroned by The Shield to give the NXT alumni their first titles in WWE. With the post-extreme era set to begin, here are five preview points for this Monday’s Kevin Jonas-assisted episode of Monday Night Raw.

Our five-point preview:

1. Kevin Jonas, really? What, was Joe Jonas busy?

2. Before you watch tonight’s show, be sure you’ve read The Best and Worst of Extreme Rules by our good friend/famous musician type Dan Campbell so you’ll know what’s going on. Spoiler alert: the same stuff that went on last month, because the next PPV is called “Payback.”

3. makes it pretty clear that Dolph Ziggler’s returning tonight, so that’s good. Let’s keep him as far away from Jack Swagger’s wacky feet as possible, yes?

4. The five-point preview is really funny now because it includes GIFs, but they’re really huge, bad quality and cover about 1.5 seconds of what’s going on. Like, there’s one of Paul Heyman just holding his arm out and nothing happening. You’re almost there,!


As always, the 10 best comments from tonight’s WWE Raw open thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw report. You know the drill. Top comments should get a +1 reply from you. The more +1s we get, the more jokes I get to cram into the end of the Raw report.

Enjoy the show, everybody.