WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 6/11/12: Three Hours Of Vince McMahon Growling

06.11.12 6 years ago 2,932 Comments

Vince McMahon sings Stand Back! (Original video) by natyhbk1

Or, “I love it when you show up to save our ratings, pop.”

According to GrapzNewz.com, there are two different scripts floating around for tonight’s Raw — one that is “McMahon Heavy” and one that isn’t, and which one they use will depend on what happens with poor Alberto Del Rio and his concussion. Apparently WWE went on tour this weekend and hurt everybody, so ADR is down, R-Truth has a broken foot, Sheamus ruptured an ovary and Sin Cara Rojo is stricken with gout. So tonight on a very special three-hour edition of Raw SuperShow, Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis spend 180 minutes evaluating job performances and Cena spends 8 minutes of overrun making poopy face while he holds David Otunga in the STF. If it turns out better than what I’ve described, I’m calling it a win.

John Cena and Big Show haven’t been in the same arena since Show decked Cena with a WMD three weeks ago. With their Steel Cage Match looming large at No Way Out, can these rivals restrain themselves when they’re finally within striking distance of each other? More importantly, do they even want to restrain themselves?

More importantly, can Show pick up the entire cage and beat Cena to death with it?

As always, my 10 favorite comments from tonight’s Open Discussion Thread (invite your friends, jerks! We need some new people getting +1’d) will be featured in tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column. To nominate a comment for top 10 status, reply to it with a +1. Or use the rec system. I have no idea how commenting works!

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