WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 7/1/13: One Of These Guys Is Popular And Interesting

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Tonight on the With Leather WWE open discussion thread:

Tensions between CM Punk and Paul Heyman were smoothed over with a hug on last week’s Raw. But are things really OK in Camp Heyman? A tag team victory for the “Heyman Guys” could be just the thing needed to cool things off in the Heyman stable as a hot July comes roaring in. Here are five reasons tonight’s Raw is must-see as Money in the Bank fast approaches.

Our five-point preview:

1. I’m pretty excited about the tag team I’m calling xAXELx. I want to call them AxXxel, but I don’t want to subconsciously imagine Michael McGillicutty doing porn.

2. WWE’s point of interest: “Is Mark Henry nothing but a liar?” Answer: No, he is also the World’s Strongest Man, and his hobbies include snappy suits, creative landlording and proper, thorough execution of What He Does. John Cena’s basically a super liar, though, throw some stones at HIM once in a while.

3. Alberto Del Rio will continue to be a bigger and bigger heel by doing nothing but being sneak-attacked by a babyface non-stop for a month. WWE booking, everybody!

4. No-coordination cosplay Kaitlyn #cangetit


5. Daniel Bryan’s main-event push continues as he’s … forced back into a feud with Kane. I guess we need to wait until Total Divas is up and running to start the Bryan/Cena beef, because they are totally going to McMahon-Helmsley it and have a feud between the best wrestler in the company and the face of the organization for the last 10 years be all about their catty girlfriends.

Top 10 comments: you like them, I want them. Reply with a +1 if you read a comment you think should be in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw column. Please and thank you.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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