WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/16/13

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I love you. I love YOU! Tonight on the With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Night of Champions ushered in Daniel Bryan as the new WWE Champion, but what does COO Triple H think about Randy Orton being dethroned? Plus, a WWE Hall of Famer is coming to Raw. Here are five reasons not to miss the pay-per-view fallout tonight at 8/7 CT on USA Network. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Dusty Rhodes is on tonight’s show in the wake of his son being fired and his other son being kicked in the butt on the way out for sticking up for the family, so “Hard Times” references are set at 100%. Dusty being on the show in any capacity, much less the capacity wherein he gets to bionically elbow Stephanie McMahon in the head, are welcomed and anticipated.

2. Daniel Bryan is the WWE Champion. The downside to that is that everyone expects Scott Armstrong’s fast count to come into play tonight, with a pretty good chance of Bryan being stripped of the belt or forced into some kind of ridiculous rematch. It might be Chris Jericho beating Triple H on Raw all over again with the win ‘stricken from the record books,’ but that pre-Money in the Bank cash-in title win still counts as legit, so win or lose Daniel Bryan’s the WWE Champion and f*ck all y’all.

3. Is Ryback the new Paul Heyman Guy? More importantly, as Curtis Axel been strapped to a torpedo and fired at the bottom of the ocean yet?

4. One of the WWE Five Point Previews is titled “Does RVD have Del Rio’s number?” so get excited for THAT feud to continue. I want Van Dam and Ricardo to be at the county fair paying somebody to make them new t-shirts, and for Del Rio to jump them from behind and smash them into the Scrambler.

5. Worth another number: DUSTY RHODES.

As always, the ten best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread will be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of WWE Raw report, so reply to your favorites with +1 and I’ll pick a bunch. Enjoy the show, everybody, and make sure you’ve read The Best And Worst of Night Of Champions before you do.

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