WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/17/12: Pink Ropes Forever

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Sorry for the delay on today’s WWE Raw open discussion thread, I just got back from a magical weekend at Chikara’s King Of Trios tournament in Easton, PA, and when I say “I just got back” I mean “I just walked into my home, put down my luggage and turned on the computer”. A few pre-show notes:

1. Tomorrow’s Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column will arrive like always. Remember, the 10 best comments from tonight’s open discussion thread get a featured spot alongside Jack Swagger Of Mars in the report.

2. I did not watch Night Of Champions, because I was live at (with no hyperbole) one of if not THE best North American independent professional wrestling shows of all-time. Screw that, best WRESTLING shows of all-time. Not using that lightly.

3. A Best And Worst Of King Of Trios will arrive on Wednesday. If between now and then I get a copy of Night Of Champions from somewhere, I’ll try to do something with it, even if it’s just me taking screencaps and writing NOT MANAMI TOYOTA across them in meme font.

Tonight’s Raw preview:

Night of Champions has come and gone, and the ramifications will surely be severe. WWE has a pair of Tag Team Champions that may or may not still hate each other; a World Heavyweight Champion whose dominance is reaching a fever pitch; and to top it all off, a controversial outcome to the WWE Champion CM Punk–John Cena rivalry that’s sure to keep WWE’s top two competitors at each other’s throats for some time.

Also, the “road to Hell In A Cell” has begun, whatever that is.

Let’s enjoy pro wrestling!

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