WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 9/2/13: Labor Day Edition

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09.02.13 1,967 Comments
"Now let's hear from someone who CAN'T work."

“Now let’s hear from someone who CAN’T work.”

Tonight, on the Labor Day edition of the WWE Raw open discussion thread:

Things just keep getting worse for No. 1 contender Daniel Bryan, whose war with The Man going poorly at best thanks to WWE COO Triple H and his handpicked WWE Champion, Randy Orton. CM Punk isn’t faring much better thanks to Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel’s trickery; with Night of Champions fast approaching, how will the two Superstars last long enough to mount their respective challenges against Orton and the Axel-Heyman duo? We have a few theories on that and other matters. (via WWE.com)

Our five-point preview:

1. Tonight, we see week 1 of the six-to-infity-week plan of AJ Lee getting rolled up and pinned by the cast of ‘Total Divas’ to make John Cena and Daniel Bryan’s model girlfriends not feel like garbage. Who’s ready for Eva Marie: Divas Champion? Anybody? Anybody?

2. Damien Sandow has a new t-shirt, and it’s just white letters on a black shirt. That’s two crummy shirts in a row for Sandow, but I’m sure the Rock is somewhere with his mouth open, scrolling through WWEShop.com all, “wow, what a great shirt.”

3. I’m starting to enjoy Curtis Axel’s inability to speak more than most parts of Raw. I want him to get the mic every week now. SAMPUNK I’M COARSE AXEL SHAA, SHAA, SHAA etc. I hope tonight CM Punk handcuffs him and keeps him captive until he can complete a sentence like a normal person.

4. Will Mark Henry and Big Show officially-officially start their quest to become WWE tag team champions tonight, or is Mark Henry too hurt to compete? More important question: Hey WWE, why are you making 42-year old, 400-pound Mark Henry run to the ring at house shows? Give him a mini-ring cart or something.

5. Will Daniel Bryan get some measure of revenge against Triple H, Randy Orton and The Shield, or will he just keep getting beaten up until John Cena’s elbow is well? YOU DECIDE (just kidding, they decide)!

As always, your +1 replies will help me pick out the best comments of the night. I’ll include 10 of those in tomorrow’s Best and Worst of Raw, so + your 1s liberally.

Enjoy the show, everybody.

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