WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread For 1/23/12, Where Greatness Wears No Pants

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01.23.12 762 Comments


Welcome back, everybody.

As you may already know, last Monday was my birthday (spoiler alert: I am too old to be watching wrestling) so we didn’t have time to set up an open discussion thread. It’s a shame, too, because the show turned out pretty great. We got a tense showdown between John Laurinaitis and CM Punk (and Mick Foley), Daniel Bryan: Indignant Vegan World Heavyweight Champion continued to happen, Rosa Mendes in a corset continued to happen and John Cena tried to lift steps that were bolted to the ground. You can read about all this and more in last Tuesday’s The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 1/16.

But we’re back in the swing of things now, and as always I’ll be picking 10 (or so) of my favorite comments from this thread to be featured in tomorrow’s Best and Worst report. I also need your help with this week’s poll question.

“Do more Best and Worsts” is a big request I get, and I’d like you to come to my website more often than Mondays and Tuesdays, so hey. I’ve been wanting to do Best and Worst-style recaps of old shows for a while, and with 1) the Royal Rumble happening on Sunday and 2) Wrestlemania happening in a couple of months, I thought I could go back and do a retrospective B/W for a Royal Rumble or a Wrestlemania. I’ve picked a few at random that I own on DVD and think would be fun to go over, so pick your favorite and I’ll review whatever wins on… let’s say, Thursday.

Random, right?

Let us know what you think of tonight’s show as it happens. I’ll be around, too, but I can only say so much unless you want tomorrow’s report to be nothing but “lol remember what we said yesterday”. (Actually that sounds pretty awesome.)

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